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Who we are
About us
Who we are
Doukonía is a national non-profit organisation, born in 2002 to care for the needs of elderly people who require primary health care, psychological assistance, social assistance and spiritual support.
Our activities are carried out by both team workers and volunteers who are all legally insured and have the right technical training.

Why was Doukonia born?
In 1996 during a professional visit to the United Kingdom, Jose Maria Segura and Pilar Garcia were able to meet a number of NGOs who were run mainly by elderly voluntary staff, which facilitated their work.
They were envisioned to work in Spain amongst the elderly as, at that time, few organisations worked holistically with the elderly, dealing with their spirit, soul and bodily needs.

What was Doukonia´s startup?
In 2002 a Management Board was set up, Statutes agreed and registration carried out in the central Ministry of Justice register and the autonomous Andalucian Government register, gaining official recognition as a non-profit organisation.

Our structure
1. Management Board: Supervising the complete operation and seeking resourcing for the organisation´s upkeep, guaranteeing financial transparency and the effective compliance of all legal requirements within its structure.
2. Director: commissioned to develop all projects and programmes, volunteer and employee work distribution and public relations with private and public bodies and corporations.
3. Employees and volunteer team: responsible for direct rapport and assistance with the elderly and daily running of the organisation.

What is our long-term vision?
We aim to develop the organisation nationwide, seeking assistance on a daily basis for the able-bodied elderly, the setting up of Day Centres and Elderly People´s Homes in each province where the elderly will be motivated, enjoy life and be able to breathe a life-giving atmosphere.
We would like to grow steadily spreading out from our local, consolidated roots.
We need to incorporate new members to the team to achieve this aim such as voluntary, part-time, professionally qualified personnel who can help us carry out our programmes.

Financial matters: How are we supported?
As with any non-profit organisation, all the financial resources that we receive are dedicated to the running of the operation including full-time staff salaries.
To date we have been blessed with financial help from individuals, companies and churches who support us monthly or sporadically.

Donation account number:
ES59 0081 5529 8600 0105 7014
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Legal notice
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